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5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast


If you need to sell your house fast, then you don’t have time to find the perfect way of doing so. There are different options for selling your home and a lot of time-consuming ways to do so.

Here are 5 great tips to sell your house fast.

1. Price the Home Right from the Start

If you want to get your house ready to sell fast, there is no better way to do so than to scope out similar homes in the same neighborhood and area. Sellers often want to price their house high so they can have room for negotiating. If you start high you can sell it for the price you are hoping to get right? That can be the case sometimes, but we are here to get you a fast sale. If you price high, then not only can that take more time because the negotiating process takes a while, it also can result in a lower offer. If you do your research and scope out what similar homes in your area are selling for you can price your house slightly lower for a quick sale.

2. Curb Appeal

Nothing sticks closer to you than a good or bad impression. Did you know that your mind naturally forms a biased opinion based on an appearance within just seconds? This is why when you are selling your home, it is important to make the outside of your home look excellent.

Since you are in a hurry to sell your home you don’t need to change the whole exterior of the home and redo your yard. Just simply tidy up the yard, and get rid of the clutter your yard doesn’t need. Washing that old wind blown vinyl doesn’t take much time either and you may even be surprised by the true color underneath all that filth. Paint your door to stand out, and add a little bit of character to the home. Something so simple can change someone's impression, and get you that fast sell that you need. Don’t spend a lot of money doing these changes, just simply clean up your yard and exterior.

3. Stage the Home

Decluttering your home can make it feel bigger, and more open. Cleaning the place and making sure it smells good, can also put a positive impression in a buyers mind. Dave Ramsey refers to this as “channeling your inner neat freak.”

Make sure when staging your house to sell fast that you are putting the appropriate furniture and items in the right rooms. This will help the buyer visualize how the home works, and it helps them be able to see themselves living in it. The less they have to focus on the more they can visualize their life living in it.  

If you need to freshen up the place, add a new layer of paint. This is an inexpensive way to clean up those walls. Also, clean your carpets, and replace any old or damaged flooring, if necessary.  

4. Hire a Professional Photographer/Videographer 

Once your house is ready, hire a professional photographer for the listing. They will be able to photograph your home and make it appeal to a buyer’s eye. Once the clean crisp photos are viewed, you will have a better chance of rounding up potential buyers.  

You may want to have a videographer come into your home and create a short video. This can better show the function of the house and help a potential buyer feel like they are actually there. This may motivate someone to come to look at your home in person, and hopefully purchase the home.

5. Sell to a Cash Buyer

If all of these tips sound overwhelming to you, then consider working with a cash buyer instead. A cash buyer can save you time, and can get you cash in your hands in just seven days. You will not have to stage your home, declutter, clean or hire a photographer. It is so simple, you just sell it exactly how it is.

The Benefits to Sell Your House Fast

These 5 tips listed above are a great start to getting that fast sale. If you are in need of simple, efficient ways of boosting the appeal of your home, then make sure to apply these suggestions. Spending some time on the appearance of your home can be critical for a buyer to see themselves living in your home. Pricing right will assure the buyer that you are giving them the best price, and they will be more eager to make an offer.

Sometimes even these simple steps may feel overwhelming, or you really just don’t have the time to take them. That is okay, we are here to help you. Fill out the form below and we will call you today. We can get you out of your home quickly with a cash offer. It is quick and easy, we are here to help.

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