Real Estate Agent vs Cash Buyer

Real Estate Agent vs Cash Buyer

Real Estate Agent vs Cash Buyer

If you are getting ready to sell your home in Oklahoma, you are going to want to figure out the most profitable way of doing so. Should I hire a real estate agent? Or should I sell my home to a cash buyer? These are all important questions to ask, which is why you should do your research. We are going to go over the pros and cons when selling with a real estate agent or to a cash buyer. 

Real Estate Agent

If you are about to list your home on the market, then selling through a real estate agent may sound like the most ideal way of doing so. This is because they are going to basically do everything for you, right? Well, this may be true, but keep reading to find out if this really is the case.


  • They will list the home on the market
  • They will find potential buyers
  • They are experienced with the process

All of the pros listed above may sound like good enough reasons to hire a real estate agent. They have the resources to list your home and market it. They have lists of people interested in buying a home like yours. They are experienced with selling homes, and they will most likely be able to get your home sold. These are all very ideal reasons to look into a real estate agent, but this method also comes with its cons.


  • The real estate fees 4-6% of the final sale
  • They will require repairs and renovations
  • They will determine the final sale price
  • They will have showings on their time, not yours

This is only a small list of the cons of selling to a real estate agent. Make sure you are aware that once the home is sold you are going to have to pull out a big chunk of change the profit and it over to the real estate agent. On top of this large expense did you know that the fees aren’t going to be your only expense? You’ll also have to worry about making expensive repairs and renovations.

Cash Buyers

If you don’t want to worry about the hassle involved with a realtor, working with a cash buyer is something worth looking into. There are many benefits to selling your home to a cash buyer. 


  • They pay with cash
  • It’s a fast simple process
  • There are no repairs
  • There are no renovations
  • They purchase the home as is
  • There are no Showings
  • It is a guaranteed offer
  • There is no closing process
  • There are no realtor fees

This is a short list of the many benefits you will see when selling to a cash buyer. They are going to offer you a guaranteed cash offer for your home. They have the funds waiting for you and because they are paying with cash they aren’t going to fall through, nor back out. A cash buyer is able to purchase your home in a fast seven days. They don’t have to apply for a consumer loan and wait to close on it to only fall through at the end. This is why the process can be so fast when you sell your home to a cash buyer. 

One of the greatest benefits of selling your home to a cash buyer is that cash buyers will purchase homes in any condition. This means that you can save your money, and you won’t have to make any expensive time-consuming repairs or renovations. This is going to save you thousands of dollars. 

On top of saving money by making no changes to the home, you will also cut out a huge expense by avoiding realtor fees. This is going to save you the greatest amount of money once the process is said and done. 


  • Time

The process can be so fast that you may not know what hit you. When you work with a cash buyer, you are able to sell your home fast and save money to get into your new home quickly. 

If you are leaning towards saving money and selling your home to a cash buyer, then contact House Kings today. We’re the leading cash buyers in your area. We have the experience to help you feel comfortable and we will help walk you through the entire process. Contact us at 405-233-8831 and we can help you get started today!

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