Is It Better to Sell My Home for Cash in Oklahoma City?

Is It Better to Sell My Home for Cash in Oklahoma City?

Is It Better to Sell My Home for Cash in Oklahoma City?

Is it better to sell my house for cash in Oklahoma City? This is a very good question and one that I definitely think every homeowner should consider! If you have a mortgage and are either needing to sell quickly for different reasons or the payments have become too high, then this is the route that will be the most beneficial to your situation. 

While deciding if you should sell your home on your own or through a real estate agent, you need to consider a few things. 

  1. Time
  2. Home condition
  3. Finances

There are more options than just selling your home these two ways. One of the different ways of selling is through a cash buyer. Selling your home for cash has many great benefits. Especially if any of the factors listed above are affecting you.


If you are worried about selling your home fast, then a cash buyer will definitely take care of this. If you sell through a realtor, it can take a lot of time for an interested buyer to come along. Selling your home on your own can take even longer because of the lack of marketing resources that you will have compared to a realtor. 

If you need a quick sale, a cash buyer can have your home purchased in a short seven days. 

Why only seven days compared to a long closing process? Simply because cash buyers already have the funds in hand so they don’t have to qualify for a consumer loan. 

Home Condition

This is important to consider before selling your home. Whether you sell through a real estate agent or on your own, you are going to have to spruce up the place. This will mean more time that you are going to have to plan for, and forking out extra money that you most likely don’t have. 

Minor repairs and renovations will cost thousands of dollars. However, they can be necessary for appealing to a potential buyer. Once the home is sold. you are not going to see the return on the home because these costly repairs don’t add value to a home. 

A cash buyer will purchase any home as is. You don’t need to throw another penny into your home. Sell your home as is to save a large amount of money. 


This one kind of ties into the two previously stated factors. Because you will be saving time and money when selling to a cash buyer, you don’t have to try and find a way to pay your high mortgage much longer. A cash buyer can get you out of your home in a short seven days once you accept the offer. 

If you can’t afford repairs and renovations, let alone another mortgage payment, then contact House Kings today at 405-233-8831. We have helped many people in your same situation get out of their mortgage before they started damaging their credit. Because of our speedy buying process, you can get out of your home fast so that you can find a home that is more affordable for you and your family. We can get started today, and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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