5 Tips to Sell Your Norman Home Fast

5 Tips to Sell Your Norman Home Fast

5 Tips to Sell Your Norman Home Fast

For many homeowners, it’s not a question of if they should sell their home. It’s a question of when.

The housing market is never stable. It’s just as subject to supply and demand as any other industry. Perhaps even more so. What can seem like a seller’s market one week can easily turn into a buyer’s market the following week. But it’s not a question of the right climate. It’s a question of finding the right opportunity to sell.

Home buyers are shrewder these days. They know exactly what they’re looking for; and how much they’re willing to pay. And if you’re looking to sell your home fast, they’re not always in a position to buy it fast. They’ll negotiate every last detail of the purchase, and you can often find yourself coming up empty handed in the process. Here’s five simple tips to improve your home’s value that can ensure a quick sale.

1. Curb Appeal Can Be Price Appeal

You might think you live in a hot neighborhood. After all, many of your neighbors are selling at a price advantage. But take a closer look at the outside of their homes. Is their lawn freshly manicured? Is their house in need of a fresh coat of paint? Their driveway free of debris?

Take a closer look at your own home. If the outside isn’t looking up the standards of your neighbors, no amount of price haggling can sometimes justify its sale. When it comes to selling a home, first impressions rarely lie. Beauty may be only skin deep, but a homebuyer isn’t going to come knocking on a house that looks neglected. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, raking the leaves or finally cleaning out the gutters, do everything and anything in your power to ensure that first impression leaves a positive impression.

2. Stage to Sell

There’s actually homeowners that spend hundreds of dollars hiring a professional interior decorator to help stage their home prior to a sale. Frankly, that’s just a waste of money—and you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to know how to stage a home. Staging may look artificial, but it can be the real key to selling your home fast.

  • Ensure plenty of natural light. Make certain curtains are drawn, windows are cleaned and use only soft artificial lighting to enhance your home’s natural beauty.
  • Declutter your home. Make certain there’s plenty of open space for buyers to move around in and ensure furniture is bare and clean.
  • Remove any excessive wall hangings or paintings. Buyers have their own aesthetic style, and are more concerned with how they can tailor a home than your personal taste.
  • Fresh flowers, plants and even fruit can make your house seem much warmer and inviting.

3. Depersonalize Your Home

Buyers might be interested in a home’s history. But they’re not interested in yours.

If you’re looking to sell a home in Norman fast, there’s such a thing as too much information. The less a seller knows about you, the better. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize this and assume that by leaving personal mementoes  and knick knacks around, it will give a down at home feel. Buyers know ahead of time how they’ll choose to decorate a home, and aren’t interested in your personal tastes.

4. Price to Sell

This is another issue we see from time to time. Sellers assume that their home will have a greater advantage of selling quickly if they lower the price by a few thousand dollars. But it rarely works in their favor.

Buyers know ahead of time that they’ll likely have to negotiate on the price. And if you’re selling your property for less than it’s worth, chances are that $2000 price advantage could easily turn into $5000. List your home at or above fair market value. Negotiations may be inevitable, but they should be to both your and your prospective buyer’s advantage.

5. Customization Is Differentiation

Very few buyers want to live in a cookie cutter community. They want a home that stands out from its neighbors. A home that forces them to pay attention.

Adding a new roof or custom ornamentations can add to a home’s value. Just make certain they’re tasteful and understated. If your additions are too customized, they can be a negative selling point. They should complement your home, not turn it into an eyesore. Ornate designs are rarely in demand in the 21st century. Keep your home minimal and classic and you’ll find that the simplest additions can be the most memorable ones.

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